Sunday, October 24, 2010

Richy Rich

The society pages in Europe really are old old money, princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, counts and countesses. This week the society press was all a buzz for the wedding of a Duke. Seriously. The wedding and guests were all sooo fancy, and so different from the American standrad of fancy Hollywood weddings, that I had to share it with you. The magazine Hola featured the photos of the wedding, here are a few of the guilty pleasure, old money details.

The bride (above) was lovely-in a dress that was convertible from day to night. For day, a beautiful, huge brocade skirt went over the fit mermaid cut dress for the evening (photos of the bride are so exclusive I can't find a pic of the evening gown...You'll have to buy the magazine).

Mother of the bride-a muse of Valentino-wore the traditional Spanish peineta and lace.
And the guests were all a flutter entering the ceremony with hats, flowers, and feathers (guests who were hatless looked totally underdressed, ha!). Can you imagine??

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