Sunday, September 26, 2010


One thing I'm really loving about living in Spain is forcing myself to make everything from scratch. Where in the states I would just hop out and buy a box, here a box of pancakes costs 4 euros, so I'm really learning to bake-and even to control my temperature gauge-less oven!
Fall is here, so I spent yesterday making a yummy apple pie with some apples that the suegros gave us from the country house. It smelled fantastic in the house with a crisp breeze blowing appleness everywhere. Perfect. We still have extra apples, so I'm thinking maybe it's time to make apple pancakes from scratch, it can't be that hard right? And, I have a giant bottle of syrup my mama brought me waiting to be drizzled. Check out the recipe at Smitten Kitchen. What's better than a breakfast from scratch on a cool fall weekend?

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Mickey said...

yummy! I want some apple pie!

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