Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to school

(Vineyards-La Rioja, Spain)
I've been lacking post ideas...I guess that's what happens in the first weeks back to school. Lots of planning and projects to get the year started right, and so far so good, even with the little ones (I have almost all kiddie classes this year-and I'm actually enjoying it!-time to buy a halloween apliqué sweater?? jeje...). Until I think of something really lovely to are a few ESL pages that I'm loving that may come in handy for any other language teacher out there! Enjoy...

Great, quick printable activities for basic kids vocab...seriously the easiest page ever in your in a rush: ESL-Kids.

And the cutest games, stories, and printables from the ever popular: British Council for kids.

And for adults or teens, this page is great for listening activities at all levels with pre-made quizzes: ESL Video.

Very exciting, I know! Do you know of any other fantastic online resources??

Ps: Aren't you excited for fall...capes, felt hats, boots, and scarves with apple pie, donuts, and falling leaves!

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Nancy said...

Excited about everything except the falling leaves!!!!!!

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