Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh boy!

Last night, we met the newest arrival to the baby scene, teeny tiny 3 day old Roi, (he only weighs 6 lbs and is like a little lightworm bundled in joy!) first son of our friends Marta and Moncho. Marta looks fantastic, Moncho is filled with pride, and little Roi is so content. Before stopping over to meet him and help with his first bath, I stopped at Zara Kids to get a little welcome present-so dengerous! I had cute overload looking at the mini capes, trenches, boots, blazers, scarves, etc, but controlled myself and bought the cutest jean overalls and little shirt with elbow patches...ha! After meeting Roi, I want to go back and buy him even more! Baby clothes are the cutest!
Boots, blazer, and scarf!!
baby mocassins, tweed shorts, and camel coat!!
Fuzzy vest and boots!!

1 comment:

style-for-style said...

oh my gosh, if I ever have a baby I need to stock up there
I love baby moccasins

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