Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ganamos!! Now to win the world cup!! Spain is in full force fiesta. Yesterday was the start of the fiestas de San Fermin-you know bull running in the street, red scarf and white clothes, Hemingway, Pamplona and seven straight days of party. I don't think I could survive it...ain't no party like a Spanish party cuz a Spanish party don't stop (just ask my sister or Laura). But, to make the summer party even sweeter SPAIN IS GOING TO THE WORLD CUP FINALS! They played amazingly yesterday against Germany and we are all eagerly awaiting Sunday evening to watch Casillas hoist the cup into the air. I'm so happy to be in Spain living such fun memories and see what its like when everyone on the street has a little extra pep in their step and a smile on thier face. VAMOS ESPAÑA!!

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