Wednesday, July 14, 2010


hehe...remember my post on Bimba Bose? Well, the other night in Pontevedra we walked to one of our favorite places for drinks, by a cute plaza, and what do you know Bimba was Deejaying with David Delfin, yea the Spanish designer. The scene was lacking some dancing, so Melisa and I decided to go and dance a bit to the Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake...hahah. Funny thing is, as we got to the front, the DJs came down into the crowd to dance...and well, since everyone else did it, we got a pic with Bimba and David. What can I say? We are awesome!

DJ play my song!
And our shot done by Bimba...and yes, bummer is we weren't quite dressed for a photo with a model we had spent the day at the beach...
And with Sr. David Delfin. No, he didn't offer us any free clothes.
Finally, another famous Galician actor, Luis Zahera, came around, so we got a pic...hahah, we were on a roll. He's the crazy dude in Celda 211 or better known as Petrolio his character in a Galcian TV series.


Mickey said...

omg! that looks like soo much fun! was mom there?i like how Bimba took the picture!

Kate Suchomel said...

your life is somewhere around 254861 times more glamorous than mine!!! :) Such fun! A day at the beach followed by bumping into famous people at an outdoor party.


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