Friday, April 23, 2010


So many of the people I love have recently had or are about to have babies. The babies are adorable, but so are the moms. I don't have a picture of my mama when she was a new mom (they are all in Michigan), but in the shots I remember she was beautiful with her dark hair pulled tightly into a bun and the cutest embroidered shirts. My friend Emily just had a smiley baby boy a few months ago, he's the cutest, but so is she she with red lips and bangs. My friend Michelle is waiting eagerly for her first bundle to arrive, and I know she will also be adorable with her smiles, bobs, and glasses (I'm so anxious to hear her news!). Maybe when my time comes (no plans yet, folks) to join the ranks of adorable moms I'll follow Jane Birken's cue with simple high waisted jeans, cotton shirts, baskets, and bangs. Here's to fabulous, beautiful, joy filled moms.


Mickey said...

I like this a lot! I have some more really good pics of jane and anita pallenburg as hot moms. I will send them to you! xoxo

style-for-style said...

like this one too, did you see it on the sart

Emily said...

Although it is rather tempting, I am in a constant effort to avoid being a sweatpants mom! haha! Thanks for considering my efforts a success! :) Miss you much, friend!

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