Friday, April 2, 2010

Peinetas and lace

Spanish style has been marked by a few tendencies in the world of fashion, the bolero jacket, the flamenco skirt, lots of lace and flowers (preferably in black and red), John Galiano has even been know to do a little flamenco ditty inspired by Andalucia on the runway. When you are in Spain, outside of Andalucia and the Feria de Abril, these fashions tend to be nothing more than costume. But one of these costumey traditional fashions, the mantilla/peineta-a tall comb with intricate details, usually worn with a black lace veil, tends to appear more often on the ceremonial scene, worn by the queen, a bride, or on any special occasion. Today, Holy Friday, many women will take to the Andalucian streets dressed all in black, wearing tall peinetas, mourning the death of Christ. Peinetas also come out, in many colors, adorning women's hair during festivals like the Feria de abril (April Fair). A peineta adds quite an air of royalty and pride to any look.
The spanish queen, Sofia, dressed wearing a peineta and lace for the wedding of her son, Prince Felipe.

Women in Sevilla during Semana Santa

Young women, with the Duchess of Alba (bottom right corner), the most titled woman in Spain-she has more noble titles than the King.


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