Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hey Macarena

There is no easter bunny in Spain, or easter eggs, or easter baskets. But there is a lot of this in the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

Pasos with antique wooden sculptures depicting the last days of Christ, with carpets of roses and ornate gold molding carried by at least 10 men. People line the streets to watch them pass

Bands playing haunting music, just off key, with drums and trumpets you hear throughout the city.

These guys go under the paso and carry it through the city.

Hermandades, brotherhoods, that belong to each church prepare an entire year to wear the robes of their church, covering their faces in an act of penance.

A Virgen ends each churches procession with candles, canopies, and more flowers. The virgen of the Macarena is the most famous, and the song you know and may have danced to once, is actually about her. This photo isn't of the Macarena, but I did see her pass by in the madrugada, early early holy Thursday morning, and as she passed the crowd burst out into calls of "Guapa (beautiful)!" and threw roses at her paso. The top of her canopy was covered in roses tossed from balconies throughout the city.
(These pictures are from Semana Santa in Sevilla 2003)

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Kate Suchomel said...

ahhhhhhhhh sevilla durante semana santa.... :)

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