Friday, February 26, 2010

Theatre rules

I've been living in Spain for over a year now. This time combined with my time living abroad in Mexico and during my college years in Sevilla makes for quite a few years living outside of the States in since my 21st birthday. I wonder sometimes if I'm losing my Americanity(new word-yes!) as I'm becoming so accustomed to the ways other cultures work. But, yesterday Diego and I decided to go to the movies and see Avatar in 3D-neither of us was really interested in seeing it, be we decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what the hype was all about (I wasn't that impressed-the story line was not the most creative-but the setting, Pandora, was really nice). So we got to the cinema-bought some delicious palomitas and a coke and headed into the dark theatre to find seats. There were lots of empty seats available, so we settled into some middle aisle seats-only to have to get up 2 minutes later because some people wanted to sit in our row...and site right next to me in our row. I have to admit, my American side came out and was a bit weirded out by the half empty theatre and a person choosing to sit right next to us. It made me laugh-and feel a little uncomfortable.

Notes from Spain-a fantastic ex-pat in Spain/learn Spanish blog- has recently posted a few entries about living in a new culture that I found were spot on...I agree with Ben-its much better to become accustomed to than to resign. And for what it's worth, all of us Ex-pats, lets not get too high and mighty about our home cultures-my bestie recently had to wait a month for an internet connection in Chicago, making our week long wait for internet in Spain not seem quite so bad.

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