Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sin documentos

Latin American love songs, boleros, are hard to beat. Mariachis, a trio of guitars, and the cheesiest but loveliest words being sung under the moonlight, at least that's how I always imagined them. I learned Spanish listening to them with my mom in the car. Maybe you have to understand the lyrics to really love them, but the last love song of the month is a classic by Los Rodriguez, a modern Aregentinian take on Latin American boleros, with lines like: "mientras espero por ti me muero, no quiero vivir sin ti...while I'm waiting for you I'm dying, I can't live without you" and "Quiero saber que la vida contigo no va a terminar...I want to know that life with you will never end" etc. So they are singing on a mountain in the nineties with weird shots of a girl on a horse-put all that aside, and listen to the words (sorry English readers you have to learn Spanish to really feel this one). It's quite romantic...and it's one of the songs Diego included on a CD he made for me back in Kalamazoo-maybe that's why I love it so much too.

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