Monday, February 15, 2010

Goyas 2010

The Goya awards were on last night. Diego and I have a little tradition of watching movie awards shows, ever since our first semester together when I we "watched" the Oscar's red carpet together on the phone...hahah the things a boy will do to impress you. But last night we continued the tradition on our tiny couch and freezing house...and here's the update. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem appeared together in public for the first time in Spain. They tend to keep things really undercover since the Spanish gossip press is really terrible. Pedro Almodovar surprised the world and showed up on stage to give the best movie award. He isn't a member of the Spanish academy and never attends the Goyas but he really came out to support Spanish cinema this year and everyone went crazy. And the big winner of the night was a movie made with the help of the Xunta de Galicia-Celda 211. All the actors went home with a statue, as did the director, and they won best film. Being in Santiago the highlight of the was best actor winner Luis Tossar, main character in Celda 211, from Santiago, who finished his acceptance speech in Gallego-everyone is sooo proud! Parabens!
See all the nominees and update your list of foriegn fims to rent-Spanish filmmakers had a great year.

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