Sunday, December 6, 2009

There's nothing like coloring turkeys

It's been a while since I've blogged...time for a late November update. November was a long month without a single puente-long weekend. I was busy teaching up a storm and translating as well for my class. It was the first year ever that I've worked on Thanksgiving-and my body felt the need for the turkey and shopping break. So, my classes celebrated a little turkey day break too. In my beginners class where we were learning about food, we made Spanish style thanksgiving dinners-mainly serving octopus. The six year olds colored turkeys and left class with the idea that Thanksgiving is a holiday about turkeys flying off buildings-I tried to tell the the real story, but between the many random stories they told each other about birds while they were coloring the majority walked out with a new tradition in mind. And finally my intermediate classes- who were conveniently learning about numbers:percentages, fractions, and large numbers- had a fantastic lesson about Black Friday with the excellent idea of making an advertisement about the incredible sales. It was a hit. Finally we finished watching a Thanksgiving episode of Friends. I think I turned my first day working on Thanksgiving into quite a fun day and my students all love Thanksgiving now. I wasn't expecting more than a turkey sandwich after work-which I can't complain about, just ask my sister, the cold cut turkey here is wonderful- but much to my surprise Diego had prepared a turkey feast with what he could find here. There was a turkey leg to share, his very own gravy recipe,mashed potatoes, and the closest thing he could find to cranberry sauce- grosella marmelade. It was delicious, and best of all it was such an unexpected surprise! What a lucky girl I am. :)

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Nancy said...

I wish I could have been a fly in the wall to hear the kids while they colored their turkeys and even more when they got home and told their parents about Thanksgiving...It sound like it was a fun day!!!

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