Sunday, November 22, 2009


Santiago becomes mecca for all independant/international movie lovers in Galicia every November for the film festival, Cineuropa. We've been wanting to go for weeks, but with our new late work schedules we can never make it to any of the movies we want to see that are playing at 6, 8, or 10. This weekend we finally had the chance to make it out. We were between getting tickets to see Yann Tiersenn in concert or going to the movies...we ended up at the movie, getting last minute ticktets in the nosebleed section of the old theater in Santiago. hehe...Diego was double checking that I wanted to go, telling me we were going to be really high up...I didn't realize we would babsically be above the chandelier on benches leaning over the rails to see the movie! In any case we saw Looking for Eric directed by Ken Loach. It was an enjoyable film about a man overcoming difficult circumstances with the help of Eric Cantona retired a French soccer player. Definately worth seeing. And going to cineuropa was so nice. I wish we could take advantage of more of the fantastic films they are showing-and see some of the local Galician diretors' debuts. We always have next weekend too. Cineuropa lasts until December 2-if you're interested check out the website.

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