Monday, November 2, 2009

Speaking of dates...

It's our six month anniversary today!! I figured it's the only time we'll really ever celebrate 6 we're going to celebrate as much as we can! I got Diego a few little things and he surprised me with a weekend in Ourense-getting lost in mountains, eating grapes in canyons, and watching the sunset from a castle. Then, to top it off we went to a halloween party! Not a house party, a real whole town in the plaza for the pumpkin carving and queimada! Fantastic! The town Rivadavia just south of Ourense celebrates October 31 to remember the celtic roots in Galicia-after all Halloween suposedly comes from the celtic celebration Samain. I can't get the party pics we took off my phone, but as soon as I figure out how I'll put up a few of them. Until then, bask in the hidden treasures of Galicia. Canyons of the river Sil, Ourense/Lugo
Ribeira grapes-not albariño, but the other famous wine of Galicia comes from the grapes grown on the river. A bit more earthy than the sweet, oceanic albariño, it's mostly known as a white wine, but can be a red wine too.
We tasted some of the grapes that we left after the harvest from these vines-one of the best parts of getting lost is finding hidden treasures like these quiet vines right off the river. A statue on the top of one of the hills pays tribute to the harvesters who climb up and down the hills to gather the grapes. It's chestnut season!
And, the sunset from a window in the remains of the castle Castro Caldelas.

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