Thursday, May 28, 2009

volcanic wine in greece

The most important crop that grows in Santorini is grapes...and they don't quite look like the vines you're imagining. Instead they make little wreaths out of old vines, and wrap the new vines on these, so they grow close to the ground protected from the harsh winds of the sea. The hills are spotted with little grape vine wreaths. The best wine I tasted was white, slightly sweet, but mostly dry and quite nice. We bought a bottle from a winery that opened in the 1800's by a family whose name has 18 letters in English and about 22 in Greek and has an underground wine museum with mechanical manequins showing you how wine has been made through the ages. I learned a lot but the manequins underground were a little creepy. Definantly not where you want to be alone late at night.

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