Friday, May 29, 2009

Campeones, Campeones

Ole, ole, ole! Barcelona won the champions league Monday night! In case you don't know, that's one, if not the, biggest prize that a football (soccer) club can win...and Barcelona's win is spectacular because they have this season won all the major championships they have been in. Diego call's their games "poetry", this comes from a man whose heart belongs to the Sevilla Football club, but when the big Barcelona vs. Madrid games are one belongs to Madrid. Barcelona has been playing incredibly well (well, that's what I hear, I don't really know much about it-but living in Spain I'm learning sooo much-everyday after lunch its to the couch for mini siesta and channel Cuatro's Football* show where anything and everything sport related is turned into a montage with music and emotions and I get sucked in) and the celebration last night was fun to see and hear even here in Santiago, soo far from Barcelona where fireworks were going off and people were collected in the Plaza Roja to celebrate the victory.
For those of you who do love football here's a clip of one of the goals by Leo Messi...and for those of you who don't, watch it anyway because it's a pretty incredible...goooooooooooooooooool!

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