Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lista de boda

A week before the wedding presents started showing up at the house. The tradition here is to send presents before the wedding. It was like Christmas! Little random surprises! We didn't register, (I didn't know you could, but you can, lista de boda, at Corte Ingles, Xara Home, and probably at Casa too, along with other indepentantly owned stores), and when we finally were tired of telling people, a duvet, a wok, towels, etc, time and time again, the week before the wedding Diego and I went to the Corte Ingles to set up a registry, hahah. Totally last minute, an yes, we were totally denied. At the Corte Ingles you have to set up the registry 3 months ahead of time and people dont buy the gifts, but give you credit on a card to use at the store. So, we had an hour blitz of running through the store and writing down was fun, and while before I hadn't been super excied about gifts (we still aren't completely decided if we will be here or in the states in a year and electrical appliances here won't work there, glass is heavy and fragile to travel, and furniture is not the easiest move either) I suddenly caught the bug. Last week I opened a small registryat Target, via internet, of things that can be brought to Spain after the Michigan weddng. Not, much, but filling the house (or dreaming of it) with nice things to share is pretty nice. ;)

Cute kitchen towels from my mom! (an oven with temperature control would be a nice too!)


laura said...

don't forget to send me your lista de boda

Emily said...

So you're registered at Target? I looked last night and couldn't find it! Let me know! :)

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