Monday, January 26, 2009

Tele part 2: El Duque

I never really did get into Sin tetas no hay paraiso but El Duque, the main character, is probably the most recognized television character in Spain in the last two years. The series, which roughly translated into English means "without boobs there is no paradise", is based on a series from Colombia about drug trafficking, violence, sex, and a love story involving an innocent girl who gets wrapped up in the wrong world for the love of the Duque. The show has lasted two seasons in Spain, and the finale of the second season was the talk of the town in the days leading up to it because rumor had it the Duque could possibly die. Stories of fans who never missed an episode except for the night their children were born started to circulate and the idea of the end of the Duque, the sexiest man in Spain, was more than the sin tetas public could handle. The night of the finale I did catch the last 5 minutes to see exactly what the talk was all about. The end left some questions to be asked and more than one fan unhappy, so due to the reponse of the fans the following night a second ending was played. I don't want to tell you exactly what happened, but you can watch the two finales and choose the ending you prefer (Spanish skills aren't compeletly necesary). And finally, rumor has it that El Duque is now off to Hollywood to follow the path of Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruise.

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