Monday, January 19, 2009

A solas

About a week ago, the clothing of the ministra de defensa, Carme Chacon, was the topic of the news for a few days. This weekend, another female politician, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, has been in the spotlight for her appearance in photographs taken for an interview in Magazine. The photographs, although not blatently distasteful, in my opinion are not exactly the image that the portavoz (spokesperson) for the minority party of the country (PP-Partido Popular) would want to portray. Maybe its all just an image game, but the photographs just dont seem like the best way to present a political leader. (Are there any pictures of men in politics on a similar scale?) Anyway, aside from my opinion, the news has been going back and forth in not really criticizing, but mostly saying who cares. It just seems so strange that a week ago a woman in a modern suit was criticized, and 4 years ago the ministers of the leftist party were also criticized for a photograph in Vogue, and then this photo comes out. In the end its not really that important, and not worthy of being on the cover of the newspaper all weekend, but it does lend to an interesting perspective on the way that women in power are viewed, or for that matter, the image of women in general.

Photograph of the ministras del gobierno in Vogue, 2004

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