Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is a day that will go down in history and the entire world is watching each step they take as Barack and Michelle Obama make their way to the white house. The radio coverage of the inauguration has already begun in Spain, begining with a report talking to restaurants in Madrid serving a special menu today based on the Obama familiy's favorite foods and continuing to cover until 9pm. Elpais.com has a live streaming video of the coverage. The TV will also cover the inauguration, but starting at 5:30. I'd like to be able to watch, but I have to teach, so I'll be checking out video's later in the evening. While the press is very interested, I haven't noticed much interest in the general public, most people are just commenting on the interest about the new American president compared to the reception of their own president, who for many was also a huge relief (introducing a socialist president after a Bush supporting right wing president who sent Spanish troops to Iraq) when elected 4 years ago. The influence of Obama will have a greater impact than the election of most other world leaders, so here's to the hope for change.
How is the coverage in the rest of the world?

At the same time, the coverage of the end of the Bush era, while very welcome has also been quite funny as many comedians and journalists are bidding a sentimental goodbye to Bush thanking him for the scores of incredibly surreal ridiculous moments one would never expect from a world leader that made their job so much easier.

And, finally, the weather has been crazy lately, a mix of sun, wind, storms, hail, rain, and cold, changing about every hour. A temporal, almost like a baby hurricane, is upon us, and I have to say it's better than snow.

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