Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm going to need a bike for all these dreamy bike rides through the French countryside. I'd love to have a Public bike but they are a bit expensive for my price range and from what I see on the website don't ship to France. I'd love to have a Schwinn too, but a new Schwinn is expensive too and not easy to find in Europe. I'm going to check used bikes when we get to France, but the easiest choice now is a city bike from the European sports budget superstore Decathlon. This version is mid priced, comes with a basket, and can be either red or purple. I can't really decide what color I like more-red is super classic, but purple is unique. What do you think?


Brigitte Bardot

Jackie O

Lauren Bacall
ps...Lonely Planet even has a book dedicated to cycling in France-Check it out here.


Nancy said...

I love this post...the pictures... can not wait for posts about your bike riding in France!!! I am sure that the color you choose is going to be perfect!!

style-for-style said...

ADORABLE, and you need the dog and the basket to match

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