Friday, August 26, 2011


As I briefly mentioned before Diego and I are packing our suitcases and about to embark on a new adventure-one year in Dijon, France. Famous for mustard-Dijon is also the capital of the Burgundy region of France, yes that means lots of burgundy wine! I'm so excited to spend a fall taking bike rides (can't wait to buy a bike-with a basket of course) to vineyards and trying new foods (really interested to taste French butter-people are crazy about it, can it really be that different?). Diego will be teaching Spanish language and culture at the university and I'll be teaching English, learning French, and hopefully taking some cooking classes between trips to the marche...haha. I know it's all so cliche, but who ever thought I would actually be living in France?! I'm going to live it up.
ikea living room take 1

While I am already dreaming about the possibilities of daily life, we haven't actually got a place to live. We'll start the search upon arrival next week. From what I've seen online most French appartements don't come furnished so,aside from thrifting again, I'm on a mission to see what I can come up with at Ikea for the cheapest possible price. What do you think about this option for about 200 euros?
(Photos on the wall, not Ikea-and I based the prices in the French Ikea site)


Nancy said...

I like it!!!

style-for-style said...

ooo j'adore, and hopfully you can get something vontage to spice it up at les puces (outdoor flea markets)

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