Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take a side.

Last night was the second of four Real Madrid vs. Barcelona FC games in one month-a historic event that hasn't happened since the beginning of the 1900's. People are going nuts. Barcelona has been the stronger team since I arrived nearly three years ago, but last night Madrid won the Copa del Rey (King's Cup) against Barcelona-and suddenly madrilistas were coming out of the woodwork in Santiago-proudly displaying their pride on jackets and scarves and with honking horns and fireworks. So, the million dollar question in Spain, posed by everyone including children 5 or 6 years old who have already decided their loyalty: "Who's your team?"
I have to admit, that I don't really completely understand having to make the choice as I'm not Spanish, nor am I a big sports fan, but being here three years it is time to draw the line-most three year olds have already decided which team they belong to. So here's where you come in, obviously, coming from the states our soccer culture is lacking so we can't choose on best team ability or let's choose based soley on the superficial-their looks, but of course!

Barcelona Football Club:
Coach: Josep Guardiola-Catalan/Spanish-he can do no wrong being a humble, well spoken, well dressed chap.
Star player: Leonel Messi-Argentinian-nominated best player in the world two years in a row. He's the bee's knees on the field.
Tabloid star: Gerard Pique-Catalan/Spanish (Shakira left her man after 10 years when she met Pique at the World Cup last summer...wakawaka!)
Real Madrid:
Coach: Jose Mourinho- Portuguese-and full of fire and passion. He makes a headline speaking or not speaking.
Star player: Iker Casillas-Spanish-Saint Iker, he's untouchable in Spain-European Championship, World Cup, nuf said.
Tabloid Star: Christiano Ronaldo-Portuguese (he fills tabloid magazines with his six pack and bling, and Armani ads, but he's also been the best player in the world and the rivalry between Leo Messi and Ronaldo is the stuff Hollywood is made of.)
So time to take a side...Real Madrid or Barcelona??


style-for-style said...

hmmm, also who has the best outfit,
it's something to take into consideration

I'm going with Barcelona, but I do love the under dogs.

I'm with whoever wins, he he he

Nancy said...

Wow que mangos!!!! Creo que voy con la Barza si es por looks...that coach es colirio puro!!!!! And Iker no se le queda atras...Pero los de Madrid no estan mal tampoco; ) Hey y que paso con la copa??? Que horror!!! lo vi en Fox; ) Mis estudiantes de cuarto grado hicieron unas Bio-bottles y uno escogio a Messi para su biografia; )

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