Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eating-Asturian Style

Everything was so delicious in Asturias, especially the cheese and pastries! Asturias is famous for Sidra-alcholic apple cider that isn't sweet or fizzy like you might expect but subtle and best tasting when hand poured from a stretched arm into a tilted glass splashing everywhere. The first restaurant we went to even had sawdust on the floor to keep you from slipping on the splashed cider!

Cheese-The first thing we discovered. Incredible aged goat cheese, smoked cheese, blue cheeses (Cabrales), and some weird spreadable orange cheese...all served on lovely wood boards with nuts and apple jelly. Heavenly. (Check out the list of cheeses here)

Casadielles-the typical sweet treat of Asturias, flakey pastry, filled with nutty sweetness and sprinkled in powered sugar. I'll just say I had one every day and brought home a box...they were that good. (Try the recipe)
And of course, Fabada. Special white beans from Asturias (a kilo can cost up to 20 euros!) stewed with bacon and chorizo. The fabas really are incredible...such a smooth delicate flavor.

Asturias: natural paradise...and foodie paradise.

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