Monday, August 16, 2010

In the city

Just back from a fun week in Chitown with my bestie. Looooved her new house and dreamed up plans with Diego to buy the grey one down the street so we could drink lemonade on the porches like southern belles on hot summer nights.

Later we picked out our suburb Frank Lloyd Wright home in Oak Park where we would get arepas at Aripos every week.

Then, we decorated our dream houses with a few favorites at the Chicago Institute of Art.

And finally, we planned our fabulous future dinner parties with flowers and veggies from the Logan Square Farmers' Market.
Perfect visit! Thanks for having us!

1 comment:

style-for-style said...

ooo I'm glad you took all these awesome pictures!!! Thanks for the ones you e-mailed me too.
Can't wait to see the rest from Miami

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