Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!

     I haven't posted in quite a while...busy with the holidays and feeling a little guilty that many of the project dreams from last year never came to be. I can A:blame it on the crazy work schedule or B:add it to the list of things to do this year. I think I'll chose B. 
    It's the last night of Navidad here in Spain tonight. The three wise men are arriving into the city right about now, and the kiddies are all sooo excited to get their presents tomorrow morning. I'm getting a little excited too...there are a few new presents under the tree! At first the thought of going out and getting more presents is overwhelming...more presents, more dinners, more party! But, as we are sitting at home tonight relaxing together, I'm getting into this looooong holiday season. And, it was pretty fantastic to have the extra time to take a whirlwind roadtrip to Lisbon to start the new year. 
May this new year be filled with love, happiness, creativity and good meals!

1 comment:

style-for-style said...

portugal for new years! sounds amazing, who cares about the projects, you'll get them done...
I want to see your presents!

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