Thursday, July 23, 2009

life in...

I picked up this book while in Chicago with hopes of reading it on my trip back to Spain thinking that reading about another person's experience living in a new culture abroad might be inspiration for me. I read it quickly, the style is very conversational and energetic, like Julia Child herself. Reading it didn't necesarily make me drool over the delectible recipes like crushed duck with blood and wine sauce or white butter sauce...but telling her story did make me start to enjoy again all the little details that are so different from what I'm used to and that surround me here in Spain, and also inspired me to find whatever that thing I love and makes me passionate it cooking, traveling, or whatever else and really be passionate about it. Her's was a charmed life, living in Paris, Marseille, Germany, Norway, Georgetown and I probably won't turn into a national TV star or author without the connections she made through her stunts abroad with her man and the US Government...but the book is a fast, inspiring, and fun read taking you through Paris dinner parties and markets, Mediterreanean fishmarkets, and so many other places. Put on your goodreads to-read list. I'm off to cook now. ;)

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