Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spanish Jersey Shore

I have to admit, I've never actually watched an episode of Jersey Shore and don't really know anything about it except for the commercials they show on Spanish MTV (and yes, pretty much all the ridiculous programming from the states makes it over here dubbed-Sweet 16, Pimp My Ride, Plain Jane, Made...etc-why do I know this???!!!). In any case, I can say that I know Princesas de Barrio (Spain's version of Jersey Shore). A docu-show about the exciting lives of 4 working class ladies with visits to the mercadillo, salon, wedding, and Camela concerts included. If you know some Spanish, click here-you'll flipar with their accent-or maybe just with their hair.

La verdad es que nunca he visto un capítulo de Jersey Shore y no sé mucho más de lo que se puede entender de un anuncio en MTV España (y para que lo sepas-toda la programación rara que hay en MTV llega a todos lados del mundo...). De todos casos, si sé algo de Princesas de Barrio-el nuevo docu-show de la Sexta que sigue las vidas de cuatro mujeres poligoneras en sus visitas al mercadillo, a la pelu, a bodas, y a conciertos. Conocerás una cara nueva de España aquí.

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Emmy Kastner said...

WOW! I don't speak Spanish and I loved it! Love that they were finger-combing hair extensions! That Amy Winehouse one, (Inratxe?) had me rolling. No idea what she was saying, but she seemed pretty crazy!

Reminds me of when you would watch that Bachelorette-esque Spanish speaking show called "Cinderella" in our apartment!

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