Monday, April 6, 2009

He loves and she loves

It's officially Semana Santa! Having spent my first Spanish Semana Santa (holy week) in Sevilla, the meca of all Semana Santa celebrations, the celebrations here in Santiago will be much less exciting, but I am looking forward to the down time to read, get plans done, and wish I had stuff to decorate my apt with, sigh, ;). Looking at design blogs there are so many cute little DIY things I could fill empty spaces with, but I have yet to find the Spanish equivalent to a Jo-Ann Fabrics or a Micheals. So, for now I'll just dream.

And while I'm relaxing this week, maybe I'll watch one of my all time favorite movies, Funny Face. When I went to Paris I couldn't help but hum "Bonjour Paris", and occasionally when walking down stairs I think, "take the picture, take the picture!", so you can only imagine that when thinking of weddings, this scene comes to mind...

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