Friday, November 14, 2008

Fins aviat

I'm in Barcelona for a mini weekend (long layover) before my flight to the states...and, surprise... it's still beautiful here. I've never been here in the fall, or spent an entire day on my own wandering the's been nice. I'm lucky enough to have a place to stay with a friend of mine who's living here teaching English, and with that my goal has been keep the trip cheap. So for free I discovered more of the Gothic quarters, palaces and plazas and stone streets with ornate windows and graffitied doors, and the Raval neighborhood where i wandered into the public library that is housed in an old hospital and has amazing arched stone ceilings and a courtyard, enjoyed a one euro tray of prepared fruits from the boqueron market while looking at the mediterranean, and made sure the Casa Batllo was still in place. Now, i'm going to get a little cafe con leche to hold me over until a late dinner with friends. Pictures to come soon...

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